Highest Standards of Service


Sigma Fluid System cc supplies a wide range of components for the Hydraulic industry.
We source and supply only the best products from industry renowned brands and manufacturers.

Working closely with these manufacturers we can supply all varieties of Hydraulic components to suit your requirements.

These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Our range of PLC Systems
  2. Variable Volume Piston Pumps
  3. Hydraulic Motors
  4. Directional Control Solenoid valves
  5. Hydraulic Cylinders

Products suit all fluid power requirements including Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electronic PLC Systems and Filtration.

Both off-the-shelf and fully customised solutions are available.

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controllers. They are basically used to control automated systems in industries.
They are one of the most advanced and simplest forms of control systems which are now replacing hard wired logic relays at a large scale.

Programmable logic controllers provide dependable, high-speed control and monitoring demanded by a wide variety of automated applications. PLCs allow for changing of system control design without changing of Hardwiring.
VH Series PLC is a stable and valuable programmable logic controller for a variety of simple automatic control system. Such as wearing cargo lifts, parking equipment, conveyor belt equipment, shoes-made machine and woodworking machinery … etc, VH series is suitable for all kinds of simple sequential control machine.

We only supply brands that have proven product reliability in the industry, namely:

  • Vigor Electric Corp., was established in 1995 in Danshui Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan.
  • ● Vigor main products: Research and Development, manufacturing and supply of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)



Hydraulic pumps are sources of power for many dynamic machines. Hydraulic pumps can push large amounts of oil through Hydraulic cylinders or Hydraulic motors. In this fashion, the pump converts the mechanical energy of the drive (i.e. torque, speed) into hydro-static energy (i.e. Flow, Pressure).

Range of Hydraulic Pumps
Sigma Fluid System supplies only the best products from industry-renowned brands and manufacturers. Working closely with these manufacturers we can supply all varieties of hydraulic pumps to suit your requirements.

The range of hydraulic pumps consists of:

  1. 1. Open and closed systems
  2. 2. Hydraulic gear pumps
  3. 3. Electric hydraulic pumps
  4. 4. Hydraulic rotary vane pumps
  5. 5. Hydraulic bent axial pumps
  6. 6. Hydraulic axial piston pumps
  7. 7. Pressure compensated variable volume vane pumps
  8. 8. Hydraulic radial piston pumps.


We only supply a brand that has been proven in the industry, namely:

  • KCL HYDRAULIC PUMPS, established 1978 Nantou City, Nantou County Taiwan
  • ● KCL obtains the materials from reputable sources and machines all the parts in-house.
  • ● The continuous dedication from their R&D team have made it possible to offer the best solutions
    on an international level and provide reliable pumps.

KCL Piston Pumps:

  • ● P8-100cc
  • ● Pressure Compensated Variable Volume
  • ● KCL Vane Pump

● VQ/SVQ series Hi-pressure pump:
● VQ15/20/25/35/45/
● VQ215/315/325/425/435
● SVQ25/35/45/215/315/425/435

KCL logo

Directional Control SOLENOID VALVES

Tai Huei Hydraulics Solenoid Valves are devices that convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, thereby, creating a magnetic reaction, in turn, moving a spool to control the flow of oil to either side of a Cylinder which will move accordingly.

In 1986, W series oil immersion solenoid valves entered the market. This revolution reduced the vibration noisy of dried coil. It also increased the cooling of the Solenoid

After that, Tai-Huei developed LW series solenoid valve with high flow capacity and launched into the market successfully. LW series solenoid valves not only increase the durable pressure in operation, but also match with various kinds of voltage, frequencies and spool types for all of their customers throughout the world. For quality control, using semi or fully automatic test machines instead of manual testing.

We only supply a brand that has proven product reliability in the industry, namely:

TAI HUEI OIL HYDRAULIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD. In 1999, Tai-Huei was the first hydraulic solenoid valve manufacturer in Taiwan who gained CE certification, and proud that the MIT products were approved by international associations.


Hydraulic MOTORS

A hydraulic motor converts the pressure built within a hydraulic system into torque and rotation, allowing it to power elements connected to the system.

We are committed to supplying our customers with high-quality hydraulic components.

This includes a durable, high performing range of hydraulic motors, including:

  • ● Gear Motors
  • ● Vane Motors
  • ● Axial Piston Motors
  • ● Radial Piston Motors

Hydraulic Cylinders:

● Standard sizes 50mm – 200mm
● Special purpose and adaptions
● Pressures up to 250 Bar
● Rod diameters to suit the Bore of the Cylinders
● Mountings to suit the applications – Front Flanges to Mid Mountings, Spherical Mountings, etc.

Steel Tubing, Steel Tube Fittings and Hoses:

● To suit the application